Sabbath is about ceasing, and yet it’s more than just stopping what you are doing. It’s about stopping the work underneath your work, the busyness underneath your busyness, the schedules & procedures underneath the schedules & procedures. You know what I mean. Your mind still races even when you “stop”. Your rest is really pseudo rest whereby we might not be moving but we certainly aren’t resting. And it’s certainly going to burn us to the ground one day. We need that deep Sabbath rest that truly is ceasing. However, that deeper Sabbath rest doesn’t occur because sometimes you are driven to succeed at any cost, or get that thing at any cost, or get to that place at any cost. And sometimes there’s a time and place for such moments (After all, maybe you have deadlines at the moment and as such it just is what it is). Or sometimes that thing you are chasing, or that thing you are doing more than you really need to do, is just flat out amped up to idolatrous levels (And so we think that getting that extra buck, or getting the extra approval of those people, is what will do it for us. But man is it just a form of working that never fulfils and never stops if we believe that those things is what we need to be whole). Or sometimes what you are doing is a Godly thing but it’s being done in such a way that leads to burnout in the longrun (You know what I mean. Those nonstop pastoral visits and conversations that never stop. As one friend of mine has said “Burnout doesn’t glorify God”). In any case, we must come to the place and see that sabbath rest is ultimately about looking at Jesus and going “Ooooh! You have done the Ultimate Work so that way I don’t need to work my arse off for your Kingdom come!” and/or “Oooooh! You are the one I need for wholeness, not these other pursuits! And the work that it takes to get you as my wholeness- as my King with your Kingdom- has already been accomplished because of your work!”. So rest. Enjoy the beauty of present, enjoy the gifts of God’s good God’s creation, bask in His glory, just have fun with friends and breath. Just stop. And Rest.

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