Jesus- The Redefinition of Power in Servant Like Love

In my study. Overwhelmed by how Jesus does Love & Power… This is a short improvisation sermon I did on the spot and randomly decided to record on my iPhone (So don’t expect studio quality). “True power looks like getting on our knees and washing feet”. Yep…Smelly feet. Be blessed.

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Reading Jesus into movies? Or discerning something deeper that’s always been there?

So sometimes I have been told that I force Jesus into movies when I point out God lessons in film. But I want to propose another way of looking at it: If we are all made in the image of God then at some level, even if someone is being super rebellious against God, some of God’s “DNA” will be reflected in a film. As a metaphor…If a child rebels against their family they will do a lot of things contrary to the will of their parents, but they still have their parents DNA, which means something will never change…

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Ethics of God’s New World Part I

This is a sermon based on Matthew 5:21-30. These are some of the most difficult passages to speak on, but when talked about in light of God’s Kingdom and the driving ethic of God’s Kingdom being about love, we can better make sense of what God so desires for us and why it’s liberating to follow Jesus in these areas.

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How “Jesus as Lord” and “Jesus as Saviour” are bound up together- not separate

This teaching podcast is about the relationship between these two truths: “Jesus as Saviour” and “Jesus as Lord”. My reflection is that seeing these two things as sharply divided is actually unhelpful, that rather, seeing these two truths bound up in each other brings fresh and lifegiving insights to how we view salvation, freedom, and what it means to follow Jesus. I hope it it the process changes the way you view your relationship with God.

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”We are only human” shouldn’t be about how we fail

When we fail we often say “Hey, I’m only human”. Whilst I understand that it’s normal to fail, I would argue that it’s wrong to label that as what our humanity is. No, our humanity isn’t defined by our failures- that’s missing the mark of our humanity. Our humanity is defined by being a person made in the Image of God.

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Persecution Complex

Sometimes people will get mad a us for following Jesus. That is true. But sometimes people will get mad at us and we’ll say “It’s because I’m following Jesus” but actually it will be because we are being an asshole and we are just using Jesus as an excuse. This short podcast explores this.

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Is it all about a relationship with God? Depends.

The phrase “It’s not about religion but about relationship” can either be a powerful statement or a really bad one depending on what we think Jesus came to do. Explore what I mean in this latest ‘thought’ podcast

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We address the common question “Why would a good and loving God allow evil & suffering?”. Of course, the question is always deeper and more personal. In this Podcast we go and see how Jesus, though He doesn’t give us the definitive answer, provides us with a way of looking through suffering through the lens of His own suffering.

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TEACHING: Christians & swearing (cussing etc.)

WARNING: This podcast contains adult themes

Rather than talk about the big issues in the world (such as poverty, racism etc.)-which the Christian scriptures talks heaps on- I wanted to do a more light hearted topic…Swearing! (Or cussing). What does it mean to speak differently if you are a follower of Jesus? Is swearing really wrong? So let’s have fun in this teaching podcast!

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MESSAGE: The Arrival of the King

Author Becky Pippert once said “Whatever controls us is our lord. The person who seeks power is controlled by power. The person who seeks acceptance is controlled by acceptance. We do not control ourselves. We are controlled by the lord of our lives”. What if she is right? What would it mean than to have Jesus as a King? Another bad CEO or dictator? Or something completely different…

NOTE: This was recorded in two parts and sounds different at one point.

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MESSAGE: The King who has the Authority to Forgive

“Only God has the authority to forgive” said the Scribes. The question facing us today is whether Jesus is still the forgiving God we seek. Do we need forgiveness? Is their a cost to God’s forgiveness? How might one embody God’s forgiveness into the world?

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Holy Saturday

The disciples day between Jesus’ death & Jesus’ resurrection is often our story. Tragedy happens. We feel abandoned by God. We doubt. Saturday gave them no answers after Jesus’ death. What might Holy Saturday mean to you?

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