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Finding The Line:

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What happens when an open but theologically grounded pentecostal and a mentally unstable post-evangelical have honest & blunt conversations about anything & everything through the lens of faith? You have Finding The Line. Anything from from aliens to alcohol, salvation to sex, prayer to politics… You name it! If it can be a topic, we’ll talk about it!


Deeper & Wider:

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Nathan Forster is going outside the comfortable & into the new…Asking big questions of Authors & Activists, Scholars & Survivors, Poets & Priests, Therapists & Theologians, And Everyone In Between- In order to widen & deepen our perspective on faith, community, society, and life…All based on this core conviction: God’s Kingdom is so much deeper and wider than we could ever begin to imagine…


Nathan Forster

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Primarily where my preached sermons are kept and some reflections have been done.