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^So that’s me!

People have described me as an interesting mix of someone who is both deep & reflective, and also joyous & energetic- and indeed I do think this of myself. I have embodied these harmonious traits in myself since I was young. As to the the joyous & energetic- I can be found doing karaoke, making dancing videos, and making quick witted jokes. As to the deep & reflective- I can be found in very deep conversations, sitting with peoples pain, and publicly speaking & teaching in ways that lead people into a wider & deeper view of faith & life.

My interest in the big questions started when I was a young boy, as I would think about questions like “what happens after you die?” or “If there is a God, what is God like?”. However, such deep thinking though was often overshadowed by a childhood that had baked into it an equally strong desire to have fun parties, be the prankster of the group, and the leader in all things fun. Whilst I didn’t stop being fun, I did refine and seek to be a more mindful and considerate person of joy as I got older, and this was fostered through a new found faith at 17.

I had started attending a youth group at 17, and had an experience of God that in the moment combined my inquisitive mind with an overwhelming sense of the Kingdom of God come-in-flesh. It was here that the big questions came alive for me in deeper, wider, and now more grounded ways (Grounded in Jesus, that is). And as my faith grew, I also became more interested in the stories of other people (rather than always seeking to make people interested in me), and wanted to find ways to invite people into joy (rather than always letting the joy end with me). This growth naturally lead into me studying a counselling degree.

In my counselling degree, I learnt to weep with those who weep, to sit with both mine and others emotions, and grow in the capacity to be empathetic and kind. (I should just say at this point, I can still be unkind, make it all about me, and be careless; I am in no way a finished product!- just better than where I once was). At the same time, I became interested in exploring topics within Christian faith itself, and started to listen, read, & reflect very intensionally on a variety of theological and ethical topics. During this time I also begun to preach, and sought to find new and creative ways to communicate and share that which I thought would be life giving, and that has continued to do this day!

I now found myself on the far-side of my first degree as a professional counsellor, a learner in theology, a dynamic public speaker, a writer, and a podcaster. I am seeking to continue this adventure in life- seeking a wider & deeper faith with a God that calls us all further up and further in.

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