Wrapping Paper and the Death & Resurrection

I believe death & resurrection exist in three layers that each envelop the other (Like three layered wrapping paper, the bigger layers over the other layers).

The top layer refers to all of reality. The layer that covers all the other layers is THE DEATH & RESURRECTION (All Capitals)- That Jesus’ death & resurrection has moved the whole world forward, that on 5pm Good Friday the default mode of reality changed forever. Evil lost, all people were forgiven, Jesus’ Kingship became actualised, the world changed and to this day is no longer the same. And human beings, at all times and places, became home free from sin whether they knew it or not, feel it or not, believe it or not. But when people live as if this layer of death & resurrection isn’t true, they are asleep, living in un-reality, living under the defeated (even if they don’t realise it) slave master of sin. But when people “wake up” to the new world that God has already made among them, then we see the next layer…

THE DEATH & RESURRECTION contains and makes possible the next layer. The next layer is The Death & Resurrection (Capital “T”, “D”, and “R”), whereby God’s Spirit wakes people up to see & realise that the world is a place where Jesus is King, all are forgiven, sin is defeated, that evil & injustice in their midst- though very real- aren’t the default mode of reality anymore, and they realise that they are free from sin (Even if slavery to sin feels very real). Such a waking up is their Death & Resurrection; they become a “New Creation”, they have “died to their old selves”, and have become “resurrected people” into a new way of life within the DEATH & RESURRECTION world that’s already been made true. And of course, as we follow in the resurrected Messiah within this DEATH & RESURRECTION reality now as Death & Resurrected people, we must daily die to our old selves and rise again new- this is the daily death & resurrection we walk in (lower case “d” and “r”).

All those old habits, old behaviours, old ways, old idols that try to keep us in their defeated grip, we must crucify them daily and live new- we put down our old zombie self that always wants to make havoc and instead take on our new self. And this is an ongoing journey done only by the Power of God’s Spirit. But this journey takes place within the larger reality of our Death & Resurrection, that itself takes place within the ultimate reality of THE DEATH & RESURRECTION world that’s been made true.

This DEATH & RESURRECTION reality, though true now, will become fully actualised across the whole world when Jesus returns. The already-defeated powers of sin, death, injustice, evil will be executed, and God will be “all in all”. And those who have had their Death & Resurrection will literally rise again from the dead, and their daily death & resurrection journey will come to an end- for we know that when Christ appears, we will be like Him, for we will see Him as He is. So see that the world is no longer the same, that Jesus is truly King, that you are free; in other words yield to God’s Spirit who brings forth your Death & Resurrection; and walk in the Spirit as you learn to live daily as the new human being God has already made you to be. Live all of this in anticipation for God’s final Victory over the whole world- where all things are made new, we are perfected, and God is “all in all”.

(John 3:16-20, Roms 5:12-17, Roms 6:1-23, 1 Cor 5:7, Col. 1:18-23, Col. 3:1-10,  1 John 3:2-5, Rev 21-22)









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