Well here goes nothing…

So finally.

After months and months of holding off doing anything I am actually doing something.

I am writing my first blog.

I can’t really think of much to say to you all except to say welcome. So I’ll keep this short post sweet and simple.

My blogs will be pretty much centred around Jesus and the reality He came to bring. I am a firm believer that Jesus is much more real, revolutionary, relational, and relevant (And also anti-religious). There’s a lot of bad pictures people have of Jesus when they think of what He is all about. Some see him as a cute little baby Jesus that gives a great excuse to open presents, some see Jesus and ‘buddy Jesus’ (Think of that classic film ‘Dogma’ with a young Matt Damon), some see Jesus as this skinny white dude who died on a cross and somehow that means something to a bunch of devout conservative, boring, detached and awkward people, some do see Him as a great teacher or a philosopher. Now don’t get me wrong- presents are awesome, Jesus can be a friend, and their are a bunch of people who devout their lives to Him (Though the stereotyped of the ‘Ned Flanders’ catagory “Hi-di-ho-neighbour-reno” still makes me facepalm and ask “What lead us to that picture?!”), and yes He is a great teacher.

But Jesus is also more than those things.

And that’s what my blogs will be about- the more. Within my blogs I will also cover a range of sub-topics that fit all into Jesus agenda- I’ll be talking about the nature of church, what it means to be a Christian in the 21st Century, Can we even believe all this stuff. I’ll also be addressing any and every topic- from sex, to friendships, to random acts of kindness to anything- and I’ll do that through the lens of Jesus and His Heaven-on-Earth Kingdom He came to bring.

In terms of my audience I don’t want to just preach to the choir. I want to have an inclusive audience who may not believe in all this stuff and wants to learn anyway. So welcome all!

So this is what I hoping for. So join me and the blogging and videoing begins!


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